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Not all emotional problems will respond to straightforward hypnotherapy, but fear not, the cream of therapies - hypnoanalysis can usually find and release the originating cause of the problem.

During our early years, most of us experience events and emotions that we did not know how to deal with.  Something that an adult would find difficult or unpleasant can be unbearable for a child, impossible to deal with.  The memory of the event is locked away in the subconscious mind and 'forgotten' about.  However the emotion attached to the event remains, lurking in the subconscious, giving rise to fears and anxieties that can rule and ruin a person's life.

Sometimes the emotion is externalised - directed towards an object or behaviour and so a phobia develops, or it manifests as physical symptoms such as eczema, migraine, high blood pressure or IBS.

Fears and phobias, low self-esteem, sexual problems, nervous disorders and chronic illness such as tinnitus, are examples of some of the conditions that can be helped by hypnoanalysis.  These conditions are the symptoms of the underlying anxiety, the repressed memory.

The client is guided by the therapist, and helped to recall events and emotions leading back to the initial event, releasing the intense emotions that have been locked away within the subconscious.  As an adult, these intense feelings can be understood and dealt with, bringing permanent relief from the symptoms.

And the good news is that whilst psychoanalysis can be a very long drawn out therapy, by combining it with hypnosis there can normally be a complete and lasting release within only 6 to 8 sessions.

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