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So what is hypnotherapy?

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Our minds function on both a conscious and subconscious level.

Our conscious mind is logical and analytical; it makes all those decisions that fill our lives - shall I have a relaxing cup of fruit tea or a stimulating cup of strong coffee, should I walk to the shop for the exercise or take the car?

Meanwhile, our subconscious mind is tirelessly taking care of all those things we don't need to think about.  It ensures we blink to keep our eyes clean and moist, it allows us to walk or drive without having to think about each and every action.  It is also the 'warehouse' or 'hard drive' where all our memories are stored.

Hypnosis allows us to bypass the conscious mind during deep relaxation and communicate with the subconscious mind.  In the hypnotic state you can access memories and store new ideas.  The limiting beliefs of the conscious mind are avoided, and you can ask 'how can I' rather than 'I can't'.

It is this combination of access to the subconscious with modern therapeutic techniques that makes hypnotherapy such a powerful means of producing lasting, positive, behavioural change in only a few sessions.

What will happen first?

We will arrange an initial consultation that is completely free of charge.  During this first meeting we will discuss whatever problems you have, I will take down your details and any helpful information, and you will have ample opportunity to ask any questions you wish.

It is also an opportunity for you to decide whether you will feel comfortable working with me, essential for successful therapy.  Then, if you are happy to proceed and I believe I can help you, we can decide on a plan of action and the appropriate therapy for you.

Then what ...?

You will sit in a comfortable chair, usually with your eyes closed, whilst I talk to you allowing you to relax and enter a hypnotic state.

How will this feel?

You will feel very relaxed and comfortable, you will probably find that your senses feel heightened - you will be very aware of background noises, but they will seem very unimportant.

However you might not feel 'hypnotised', it is a natural state and so it is quite common to feel that you didn't actually 'do under'!

Can I get 'stuck' in hypnosis?

No, this is not possible.  You can 'wake up' at anytime that you wish to.  At the end of the session, I will simply ask you to open your eyes, and you will be able to do so, feeling refreshed and wide-awake.

How long do sessions last?

Normally about one hour.  The first appointment lasts for about 90 minutes allowing time for a detailed history to be taken, ensuring we proceed with the most appropriate form of therapy.  Stop smoking sessions last about 2 hours.

How many sessions will I need?

This varies, but as a rough rule of thumb, stop smoking is normally dealt with in one double session, habits and confidence building may take from 2 to 4 sessions, whilst more deep-rooted problems may require between 6 to 8 sessions.  This will be discussed during the free initial consultation.

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